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Driving shouldn't be difficult to learn even though it involves numerous tasks and skills such as coordination of the brakes, steering, the gears, the clutch in manual. The defensive driving skills; being able to perceive and anticipate, speed management, decision making, position, etc.


Such skills are used constantly when driving so enormous concentration and focus is needed. We assist you in becoming a proactive driver and being able to defend yourself.

So, regardless of your driving experience we are there to assist you in becoming the driver that you are meant to be - the SAFE DRIVER.


Mr & Mrs L Driving School is a well regarded, professional and friendly driving school established for 7 years in the Sydney South West.


Our lessons are enjoyable most importantly stress free and safe.


The lessons program offer accelerated learning and are individually tailored for every student, so no matter what stage of driving you currently are.


With every lesson there is a purpose of achieving new skills and developing safe habits that last lifetime. Therefore your progress is recorded appropriately according to your performance and lesson planner established for future sessions.

This helps accelerate learning by allowing to pinpoint weaknesses effectively and immediately transforming them to strengths.

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